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Who is Med ClaimAssist? 

Med ClaimAssist was founded to help medical aid members when a medical claim is short or not paid.

We know that it isn’t easy to fix a mistake that has been made on a medical aid claim – especially for a layperson. In addition, taking on the process to fix the error can be a time-consuming process at best. This is where our experts come to your aid.

We can resolve these issues quickly and, if an error has been made either by your doctor (on the invoice) which is preventing payment from happening properly, or by your medical aid, we will approach them and get the problem sorted for you.


We realise that you pay a significant premium to your medical scheme every month. However, sometimes when you do end up having to claim for a legitimate medical expense, the scheme either doesn’t pay or part pays your claim, leaving you to deal with mounting doctors’ bills.

Our Mission Is to Help You Get Your Claim Paid


Are you often puzzled – or even angry – when you receive a notification from your medical aid to say that a claim has not been paid?  Quite often a mistake has been made and it is not easy to know whether this is the case.  Why not let us help you?  We can tell  quickly whether the claim should have been paid.

Do you understand the ins and out of Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)for example? Or what is meant by “non-payment gap”?  Do you know which benefit your claim should have been paid out of?  Is your Medical Scheme paying out your savings correctly?

We can sort these issues out quickly – and, if an error has been made either by your doctor (on the invoice) which is preventing payment from happening properly, or by your medical aid, we will approach them and get the problem sorted out for you. Click here to contact us.

Our Service

How we help you handle your medical claim:

Send us your info

You send us your claim or invoice, and we process it through our claims engine.

We ask you to send us more details of the problem – like doctor and hospital invoices, medical aid statements, and so on.

Additional information, such as that provided by your scheme when they processed the claim may be requested by us.

medical aid claim assistance

We Find the Answer

We evaluate (at no cost to you) your situation based on the documents you send us.

We provide feedback to you on how the claim should have been paid.

If there is a discrepancy between what was paid by your Medical Scheme and our calculation of what should have been paid, we identify where the problem lies.

If, after the evaluation, we believe that we cannot help you, we get back to you and explain why we cannot help and there remains no charge to you.


We Take Care of It

If we believe that we can help, we get back to you and explain what we will do – we will need you to sign a consent form so that we can interact with your medical aid and doctor on your behalf.


If we take the case forward our fee is R575 (inclusive of VAT) OR we can provide the service at no cost if you appoint one of our partner intermediaries as the intermediary of record for your medical aid. This does not cost you anything but does mean that the intermediary will be paid a commission by the medical aid thereafter.

"I also cannot thank you, and medclaimassist, enough for all your hard work you have put into my rather difficult case. The service you have provided us with has been excellent! and the savings are most welcome!"

"My father and I cannot even begin to express our gratitude to both you and the founders of Med Claim Assist. When we lost our father we were overwhelmed with the sheer volume of activity necessary to settle the estate let alone the debt left behind. Had it not been for you we would be in dire straits. A million million thank yous."

"Dearest Dagmar, although we chatted after this wonderful email update, I still want to thank you again for all your hard work! If it was not for your management of this situation and persistent endeavours, we would have been in a very dark place Mom is also very thankful and will give you a call. Thank you so much!"

"It is unreal how many people are dragged around by hospitals, medical funds with these billing errors and pressured into ridiculous situations, because of these institutions' neglect, whether willful or due to plain incompetence. Your organization is definitely a service to the community that needs highlighting via the media! If that is ever a consideration for your Organization I will be happy to share our story to the world"

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